This Blog revolves around the book – MKG – Mahatma Gandhi – Imaging Peace, Truth & Ahimsa and how Learnings from the Mahatma can cause positive change in the 21st century; the book is a pictorial representation of the life and message of the Mahatma, covering major milestones which influenced his philosophy, political awakening and his concept of Ahimsa in a concise illustrative format. An attempt has been made to portray the man behind the Mahatma to provide inspiration to today’s generation.
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MKG book released at the United Nations

1st October 2010 - A special edition of the book – MKG –Imaging Peace Truth and Ahimsa was released by the President of the General Assemble of the United Nations. The release was marked with attendance from Ambassadors from over 50 nations and was the official UN event marking the International Day of Non-Violence.

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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Shakira’s Gandhi Service

Colombian singer Shakira, who was given a medal by the International Labour Organisation for her work to promote social justice and children’s empowerment worldwide, says she has followed Mahatma Gandhi’s maxim.

She says, “Gandhi used to say ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world’ and I’ve followed that maxim.”

She thanked the ILO for the prize and dedicated it to all children suffering from violence and extreme poverty, which is the focus of her Barefoot Foundation. This non-profit organisation takes its name from the belly-dancing singer’s first album and is devoted to ensuring that education is available to every child.

Video link for the event

'Sons of Gandhi' Take To Brazil Streets For Carnival

I have posted earlier on this, but its such a great story on how a simple man 10,000 miles away inspires …. Hear the NPR story .......

Link to the NPR story

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ikebana on the life of the Mahatma

The Japanese art of flower arrangement - Ikebana is a form of creative expression with rules governing its form. It’s a disciplined art which involves not only the flower but the stems and leaves to draw emphasis on shape, line and structure. It’s a homogeneous blend of nature, humanity and geometry.

Ikebana is almost spiritual, nature is appreciated in silence and it is an art form that was born to teach us patience and tolerance to all forms on this planet.

Ikebana is a perfect vehicle that can express the life of Mahatma Gandhi as they share multiple aspects.

I hope you all like the arrangement above that drives inspiration from SATYAGRAHA

When the Mahatma fasted the world held its breath, this was the power of Satyagraha. The white material signifies Gandhiji in a fast. The flower ‘Protea’ is a South African flower signifying the birth of the political thought process.

Deepti has created it and I thank her for her effort, perfect place to let her know that I do thank her everyday for her support and understanding.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Resurrect Gandhi

In the earlier Blog entry – “70 and Proud” I had mentioned how Shri GOPALKRISHNA J.PANDYA sent me a message that I have “ Resurrected Gandhiji”.

It’s been playing on my mind and below is a small attempt to do the same with Technology.

Text excerpt from Gandhiji’s famous speech on the ‘mysterious power that rules everything in Universe’ was recorded at Kingsley Hall, London in 1931.

"In my tour last year in Mysore [State], I met many poor villagers, and I found upon inquiry that they did not know who ruled Mysore. They simply said some God ruled it. If the knowledge of these poor people was so limited about their ruler, I, who am infinitely lesser in respect to God than they to their ruler need not be surprised if I do not realize the presence of God, the King of Kings. Nevertheless I do feel as the poor villagers felt about Mysore, that there is orderliness in the universe."

Gandhiji’s image was created by a computer artist and then the excerpt animated with facial expressions using his original voice as the base input.

Friday, March 5, 2010

MKG in Thailand

Yesterday afternoon was a special day for the MKG book, it reached Thailand. It was released by His Excellency, the Ambassador of India to Thailand in presence of Excellencies from 4 other countries at the Indian Cultural Centre, Bangkok. The director of the ICC – Renuka Narayanan had planned a splendid afternoon and the audience was delightful.

One thought: ever wondered why the Mahatma never visited Thailand.

His work of compassion and peace had already reached these shores via a greater soul before him. The people of Thailand had embraced the teachings of Buddha centuries ago and practice them till date. The teachings of Buddha in truth and compassion are embedded in the fabric of this nation and its people.

It was truly an honour to get the Mahatma’s book to this beautiful land.


Joseph Deiss, President of the sixty-fifth session of the General Assembly, holds up a limited edition copy of “MKG – Mahatma Gandhi – Imaging Peace, Truth & Ahisma” at an event commemorating the International Day of Non-Violence. The day is observed 2 October for the birthday of non-violence pioneer Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (commonly known as Mahatma Gandhi). Pictured with Mr. Deiss are Hardeep Singh Puri (left), Permanent Representative of India to the UN, and Birad Rajaram Yajnik, the book's author.
01 October 2010 United Nations, New York